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What does it mean to be at home?

The experience is different for everyone, but that feeling is one we all recognise.

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For Joel Havea, listening to old Tongan music has always transported him to that place. Born to a Tongan father and Dutch mother in the friendly island's capital of Nuku’alofa, Joel was raised in the rich cultural landscape of Melbourne, Australia, and has spent the last decade living in the dynamic harbour city of Hamburg, Germany.

hamburg, meine perle.

Since relocating to Europe, Joel has played hundreds of solo and trio shows in over 20 countries, spanning 4 continents.

joel portrait

In the process he has become a fixture on the festival and club circuit, with performance highlights including Bardentreffen World Music Festival (Nürnberg), Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg), London Folk Festival, Bendigo Blues & RootsFestival (Australia), Copenhagen Songwriters Festival (Denmark), and the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

the joel havea trio.

The Joel Havea Trio features Arnd Geise on bass and Leo Lazar on drums.

joel portrait

Both are highly sought-after session musicians whose varied musical influences of rock, jazz and fusion, add another dimension to Joel's soulful blues and roots songwriting. Having honed their live show over countless European tours, the band is a dynamic force whenever they take the stage.

Ki 'a Lavaka

Joel Havea Trio

On his trio's new record “Ki 'a Lavaka”, Joel delves into the music from his country of birth for the first time. The album pays homage to the long line of well-respected Havea songwriters from the tropical island Kingdom. The result is a reflection of his roots as a true world citizen, adding another element to his already eclectic style. The album is planned for release in spring 2020.

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